How I ACTUALLY Afford to Travel on a Teacher’s Salary

It never fails.  My travel life is an issue. Every time I mention to someone that I travel regularly, their first response is always, “Wow!” “You must be rich!”  UMMM….NO.  I am a TEACHER.  Not only do I not make a lot of money, but I have to travel in peak season.  This means no off season deals for this gal.  So how do I do it?!?  Just like some people have a passion for shoes or collecting baseball cards, I have a passion to travel.  One could say it is my hobby.  Just like any hobby, I find ways to fund it. With a little skill, and a lot of trial and error, I think I found my perfect formula.  Now, these are not the only methods out there, but these are what works for me personally.  Check out my favorite 5 ways to fund my addiction…..

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My Hometown of Plymouth, MI Rocks!

That’s right…I said it, my hometown of Plymouth, MI rocks!  I have known this fact for quite some time, but it really hit me how fortunate I am the other day while walking around.  The weather was warm and sunny and it seemed like everyone was eager to get out and enjoy life.  The city was sparkling in the sunlight and the grass never looked greener.  Kids were running around barefoot allowing the grass to tickle their toes and the fountain water to cool them off.  It looked like a scene from a movie and that is when it hit me….I live in Utopia.Plymouth, MI

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Welcome push pins

Welcome to a Pin On The Map!  My name is Jen and I am a full time Spanish teacher with a reignited passion to travel.   This is where I share my crazy travel adventures, along with tips about traveling to various places and encountering different cultures.

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