Taking Washington DC by Storm

Washington DC is one of those unique cities that is fun for couples, people who are single, or those traveling with family.  It has something to offer everyone, young and old.  The best part of DC?  Almost all of it’s main attractions are FREE.  Yup…you heard me right…FREE!!!

Now  that I have your attention, you are probably thinking, “Where do I start?”  Lucky for you, I am here to help!  Check out my suggestions for taking Washington DC by storm….

Washington DC

Having fun around the city

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5 Reasons to Airbnb a Tiny House

My best friend, Richard Brown, made a decision to live more simply and built himself a tiny house.  He literally built the house with his own two hands, and I have to say, it is pretty amazing!  Have you ever thought to Airbnb a tiny house for your next vacation?  I mean, why not?  Here are five reasons why you should…

Tiny House


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Crazy 45 Minutes Before Luxor Takeoff

Never in my travels have I ever experienced such an eventful adventure to get to a city!  The 45 minutes before we took off to go from Cairo to Luxor happened in a blur, but trust me, nothing was forgotten.  From the time we left for the airport to the end of that day in Luxor, there seemed to be one event after another!

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Taking the Pyramids By Storm

Everyone at one point has learned about the Great Pyramids. We have all seen pictures in history books or on TV.  As I was physically walking towards the pyramids, I was awe struck as to how massive they really are. I mean they are HUGE! My mouth dropped open as I approached them.  It’s crazy that these enormous structures are right there in front of you surrounded by the Sahara Desert and the only thing you can think to yourself is, “How on Earth could anyone build something like this?”  I had no idea what to expect when I got to the Great Pyramids, other than it was going to be HOT.  I went with an open mind and had the most amazing experience ever!

The Pyramids

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Part 3: Farewell Istanbul, Greetings Cairo

There are no words to describe the positive experience I had in Istanbul, Turkey.  From the exceptional history of the city, to the general kindness of the people, this will not be my last trip to Turkey.  I have deemed myself the new Goodwill Ambassador for Istanbul, and can not stress enough how amazing my experience in was.  I encourage travelers to get rid of any doubts and book your next trip to Istanbul, I promise it will be the best trip of your life…

Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia

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Part 2: The Turkish Bath Birthday Suit Trend

Birthday suits are all the rage right now in Turkey, and have been for thousands of years….in a Turkish Bath House of course! Stripping down and baring it all is just another day at a bath house, and let’s just say towels to hide behind are not encouraged. You either get over yourself or leave.  I had no idea what to expect when I went for a bath and massage, but let’s just say it was by far the most unique experience I have ever had…

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Part One of the “Series” – Rome

Part One of our adventure began with a quick stop in Rome since we had 10 hour layover on our way to Istanbul. We decided to make the most of it and ventured into the great city of Rome for a few hours. Now, it wouldn’t be a good travel story if we didn’t admit that we got lost, so I fully admit it. Bet you are wondering if we made our flight to Istanbul in time…

Colosseum in Rome

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3 Continents, 2 weeks, and a Lot of Freaking Out (The Series)

3 Continents, 2 weeks, and a lot of freaking out!  I am currently in the last steps of preparing for my next adventure to Turkey and Egypt and it has been a roller coaster for MANY reasons.  I’ll admit that some of the freaking out has been self induced, I mean
who actually gets anxiety over on how you look in 110 degree heat?  Oh wait….that would be me.  However, to be fair to myself, and justify my craziness, some of my “OMG” moments are actually valid (I think…).

Istanbul and Cairo

Photos curtosey of: www.dailysabah.com and Egypto Travel

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My Hometown of Plymouth, MI Rocks!

That’s right…I said it, my hometown of Plymouth, MI rocks!  I have known this fact for quite some time, but it really hit me how fortunate I am the other day while walking around.  The weather was warm and sunny and it seemed like everyone was eager to get out and enjoy life.  The city was sparkling in the sunlight and the grass never looked greener.  Kids were running around barefoot allowing the grass to tickle their toes and the fountain water to cool them off.  It looked like a scene from a movie and that is when it hit me….I live in Utopia.Plymouth, MI

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