Crazy 45 Minutes Before Luxor Takeoff

Never in my travels have I ever experienced such an eventful adventure to get to a city!  The 45 minutes before we took off to go from Cairo to Luxor happened in a blur, but trust me, nothing was forgotten.  From the time we left for the airport to the end of that day in Luxor, there seemed to be one event after another!

4:30 am – The Partner in Crime and I wake up to get ready for a 7 am flight to Luxor.  I wake up with a horrible stomach ache and feel nauseated.  The Partner in Crime has not been feeling well since we got to Egypt three days ago, but has somehow managed to push through.  We quickly get ready for our 5:30 am taxi.

5:15 am – On a whim, the Partner in Crime checks his email and sees that our flight has been changed to 6 am.  The plane is currently boarding.  Now, on a good day, it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport in Cairo and we still have to check out.  We fly downstairs and thankfully are taxi came early. We tell him to step on it!

5:25 am – I start yelling at the taxi driver to pull over.  I jump out of the car and proceed to vomit all over the streets of Cairo.  Luckily, I had some wipes in my purse.  I quickly clean myself up and get back into the car.

5:40 am – Taxi driver screeches to a stop at the airport.  I give this man a lot of credit.  He drove like a race car driver to get us there.  He deserves a medal.

5:42 am – We burst through the airport and straight to security.  The officer in charge informs us that our plane is no longer boarding and we will have to re-book our flight.  Off to the ticket counter we go.  At this point, I am so sick I can barely stand and am thankful that we won’t have to rush through the terminal.

5:45 am – Wait! We have another turn of events! The EgyptAir employee yells something in Arabic into the phone and tells us to start running to the gate, they are holding the plane for us.  Did we hear him correctly?!?  This would NEVER happen in the States!

5:47 am – The Partner in Crime and I start running.  Due to both of us not feeling well (I mean, I just threw up all over the place about 20 minutes ago) are running pace is hovering at about an eleven minute mile.  We finally get to the gate and expect to walk right onto the plane.  Not so much the case.  A few more phone calls are placed, a little more yelling in Arabic, and suddenly we are on a bus driving clear across the airport to our plane.

5:59 am – We climb the steps to the plane and sit down in our seats.  How we did all of that in 20 minutes is beyond me.  Not many people can say they had an entire plane full of people wait for them!

But Wait! There’s More…

7:00 am – Our plane lands in Luxor and I am not doing well.  I get off the plane and I must have looked pretty bad because an EgyptAir employee puts us on our own bus that was taking me straight to the airport Doctor.  Between my lack of Arabic and his broken English, he finally. figured out how to treat me.  I ended up getting 3 shots.  As the Partner in Crime was figuring out what they were, I was running into the bathroom to toss my cookies once again.  So far, Luxor was not turning out to be a fun trip.

8:00 am – I finally could lift my head off the bed and was ready to proceed to leave the airport.  Prescriptions in hand, we ask the doctor how much we owe.  “No charge,” were the exact words out of his mouth.  What?!? 3 shots for free?!?  Again…NEVER in America!

8:15 am – We arrive at our bed and breakfast and to our incredible luck, the manager at the Mara House was studying to become a doctor! Ahmed had some pills on hand to settle both of our stomachs.  He even advised us not to fill the prescriptions, stating that one of the medicines would make me feel worse when I got home.

Now…you probably think by now I am down for the count, right? Oh no! After an hour nap, I get back into the car because we have an all day tour planned with 6 sites to see.

9:30 am – 12:30 – I am holding strong until we sat down at a restaurant to eat.  I was done.  At this point I am running a fever and all I want to do is sleep.

And I’m Done…

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm – I spend the next two sites sleeping in the car.

2:30 – 3:30 pm – I pull myself off my death bed and rally for the last site.  I see the highlights of Karnack Temple, but don’t remember much. Good thing I took pictures…

4:00 pm – We FINALLY get back to the Mara House and I drag myself up to our room and pass out.

12 hours later….

I wake up a new woman and don’t miss a beat. It was back into the car for another full day tour.

Ahmed was the key to my survival in Luxor with his magical yellow stomach pills.  Five days after arriving in Egypt and they were the only things that made the Partner and Crime and I feel human again.

I have no idea why we both got so sick.  Ahmed said that since Egypt is a third world country, a person can get sick just by handling the money.  Whatever it was that ran through us was awful!  Next time we head to a third world country, you better believe I will be more prepared.  I will be traveling with a gallon of hand sanitizer and those wonderful yellow pills.

Luxor did have its highlights, it’s a great place to visit.  We saw a lot of the surrounding areas as well.  Check out the pictures below:

Will and Jen in Luxor

Luxor Temple

King Tut
Carriage Ride in Luxor


Columns in a temple


Key of Life Symbol

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  1. Glad to hear you are both doing better and looking good from the pic above. Enjoying your posts. Love you both. ??

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