Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic is a great city for the traveler on a budget.  It still uses it’s own currency (although the Euros are accepted) so your money goes far.  Prague thrives on tourism so if you are going in the summer it will be crowded.  The plaza is always full with people, which is great for people watching, but not so fun when you have to wait in line.  Prague also has a thriving nightlife from partying until dawn to just going out for a drink with friends.

Quick Facts:

Language: Czech (official language) and English

Currency: Koruna (Euros are also accepted)

Population: 1.2 million (2013)

Interesting Facts: 
-It is a great place for good beer.  The Czechs pride themselves on their beer and it is easy to find beer tours and pub crawls for a fun adventure.
-The largest bridge in the city, The Charles Bridge, has a legend associated with it.  I would tell you, but it would be way more fun to find out for yourself when you visit.
-Tourism is the main source of income for the Czech Republic.

Getting Around

Prague, Czech Republic has a public transportation system that is used by 2/3 of it’s population.  It includes the metro, trams, and buses.  I like to think of both myself and the Partner in Crime as fairly intelligent people, however, we could not figure out the metro and tram routes to save our lives!  Prague is a very confusing city to get around.  On a map it looks like a web with streets that start and stop.  We struggled our entire three days there to figure out what tram or metro line to use.
If you take a taxi beware!  If you are not a local, the taxi drivers will rip you off, especially if they don’t have a “working” meter in their car.  If you must take a taxi, have the hotel staff call for you and make sure you have a quoted price before you drive off.


Our stay in Prague was so short that we really didn’t get a chance to interact with the local people.  The people of Prague seemed very relaxed and no one every appeared to be in a hurry.  After some research, it appears that the people of Prague have a reputation of being rude, especially to tourists.  We did not encounter any rude locals during our stay, in fact everyone we encountered was very cordial.

Things to Do

There is plenty to do in Prague, Czech Republic from family activities to staying up all night to party.  It is a city that fits the needs of every traveler, especially since it is cheap!  Click the links below to get a taste of Prague and what it has to offer.

Top 10 – Prague: