Cancún, Mexico

I have been to Cancún, Mexico two times at two very different stages in my life.  On both occasions I had fun, but had very different experiences.  I have traveled here at a young age (19) with a very low budget and a mission to party,  and again in my 30’s with a little more wiggle room in where I could stay and looking to relax.  Cancún, Mexico is a great place for an affordable vacation to fit any budget.  

Quick FactsCancun, Mexico push pin

Language: Spanish
Currency: Mexican pesos but American money is also accepted in a lot of places.
Population: 722, 800 (2014)

Interesting Facts

-The Great Mayan Barrier Reef in Cancun is the second largest coral reef in the world.
-Cancun has 14 miles of white sand beaches.
-Cancun typically has around 240 days of sunshine.

Getting Around

Taxis are available to get around, however, the bus is far cheaper and easy to navigate.  Depending on where you stay, you can even just walk to the main area of restaurants and shops.


I would say that the Mexican people are one of the hardest group of working people I know.  Their hospitality goes above and beyond of any place I have ever been to.  They make visitors feel like locals and go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. When traveling to Cancún please remember to tip the staff.  A large portion of the residence support themselves or family off of their tip money.  If you are looking for good service then look no further, Cancún is the place for you.

Things to Do

Cancún has something to do for all ages.  If you are there for high school/college spring break or traveling with young children, there will be enough activities to fill everyone’s plate.  I highly recommend staying in an all inclusive resort to get the best bang for your buck.  At the resort, there will be areas you can go to and book excursions for a decent price.  TripAdvisor ( is a great place to research what you may want to do during your stay.

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