Part One of the “Series” – Rome

Part One of our adventure began with a quick stop in Rome since we had 10 hour layover on our way to Istanbul. We decided to make the most of it and ventured into the great city of Rome for a few hours. Now, it wouldn’t be a good travel story if we didn’t admit that we got lost, so I fully admit it. Bet you are wondering if we made our flight to Istanbul in time…

Colosseum in Rome

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3 Continents, 2 weeks, and a Lot of Freaking Out (The Series)

3 Continents, 2 weeks, and a lot of freaking out!  I am currently in the last steps of preparing for my next adventure to Turkey and Egypt and it has been a roller coaster for MANY reasons.  I’ll admit that some of the freaking out has been self induced, I mean
who actually gets anxiety over on how you look in 110 degree heat?  Oh wait….that would be me.  However, to be fair to myself, and justify my craziness, some of my “OMG” moments are actually valid (I think…).

Istanbul and Cairo

Photos curtosey of: and Egypto Travel

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My Hometown of Plymouth, MI Rocks!

That’s right…I said it, my hometown of Plymouth, MI rocks!  I have known this fact for quite some time, but it really hit me how fortunate I am the other day while walking around.  The weather was warm and sunny and it seemed like everyone was eager to get out and enjoy life.  The city was sparkling in the sunlight and the grass never looked greener.  Kids were running around barefoot allowing the grass to tickle their toes and the fountain water to cool them off.  It looked like a scene from a movie and that is when it hit me….I live in Utopia.Plymouth, MI

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Social Media Neglect to Enjoy a Trip?

For the first time I am traveling with social media on my mind now that I have a blog to promote.  I have never been one to post daily on social media, but now the rules have changed.  My trip to Turkey and Egypt will be the first time where I feel I must share my adventures with my followers.  The question is: Where do I draw the line?social media

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Sausage and Schnitzel, and Beer, OH MY!


Ahhh…the schnitzel in Austria.  It became a staple food for the Partner in Crime while we were visiting Vienna.  I don’t know if it was the deep fried smell, the thick breading, or the actual taste that drew him in, but after his first schnitzel experience he was hooked.  He went through periods where he ate schnitzel twice a day, however, there were good days when he was able to control his urge and just stick to one serving per day.  I had a schnitzel addict on my hands and I needed to act fast.  In the end, time saved me because we were only there for three nights.  There is no worthy schnitzel in Michigan so he is unable to feed his addiction.  I think he has recovered…whew!

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Why I Won’t Cancel My EgyptAir Flight

EgyptAir has been in the news a few times over the last few months, and not in a positive light.  Between an enraged passenger tying to hijack the plane and a disappearing flight that may be linked to terrorism, this airline has had better press.  Since I will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt (from Istanbul) in just one short month, friends and family have just assumed I would cancel my flight.  I mean, who would want to take the risk, right?


Photo credit:

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Paris – Top 10

While in Paris we only had two days so we had to make the most of our time.  We saw eight out of the ten of my list, but we were constantly on the move for 48 hours.  I am looking forward to going back to Pairs some day so that we can enjoy more of the cultural side of the city rather than just the sights.  This city has a lot to offer and it’s hard to fit everything in during a short stay. Check out my top 10 and see what you think…

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Top 7 – Prague

Prague is a city filled with Old World charm around every corner.  From the main square to a castle outside of the city, Prague is filled with so many things to do and see.  During the height of the tourist season, the city can get pretty packed so I highly recommend going in the off season (bonus: it will be cheaper…yeah!).  Here is a list of my top 7 things to do in Prague…

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And Now We are Cancun-ing…

In the many trips I have taken in my lifetime I had never been to an all inclusive resort anywhere, including Cancun, Mexico.   That changed in March of 2016 when we went there for a quick vacation to soak up some sun. I will admit that I had mixed feelings about the all inclusive (or “Cancún-ing” as I like to call it) and here is why….

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Top 10 Austria

I really enjoyed Austria and wish we had more time there.  There are so many things to enjoy, it was hard to limit it to just 10!  Here is the Top 10 Austria based on my experiences….

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