The Great Heist of 2015

It all started innocently enough.  We never planned on creating the Great Heist of 2015.  It all began at a restaurant in Budapest when the Partner in Crime ordered a local beer. When the beverage was brought to the table it was served in a glass like I have never seen before.  First of all, it was much larger than an average glass of draft beer, but that wasn’t the best part.  The glass has a built in coaster (a ceramic ring around the bottom) AND it lights up every time the sensor on the bottom is activated (which is pretty much every time the glass is placed on the table).  We were in awe and decided that the people in Budapest truly understand the importance of beer and how to have a good time.

The Great Heist item

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The Dueling Opera Houses

The Dueling Opera Houses of Budapest and Vienna.  Both the Opera Houses were built under the same emperor during Austro-Hungarian rule. Keep in mind that during this time, the Opera House was the place to be seen and socialize, especially for the upper class.  This is where women paraded their fanciest dresses and hats for all to see.  I highly recommend taking the tours at both opera houses, it is well worth the money and you will learn a lot.

Now, ask anyone in Vienna and they will tell you their Opera House is bigger and better.  Ask anyone in Budapest and they will say that although their opera house is smaller, it is more beautiful.  How to solve this debate?  Go see for yourself.  I highly recommend that if you make your way to either Budapest or Vienna that you carve time out of your trip to venture to the other country.  Both Opera Houses are beautiful in their own right.  See for yourself…

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Attacking the Citadel from Behind (get your mind out of the gutter!)

Oh the Budapest Citadel.  We have such a love/hate relationship.  My love affair with the Citadel began our first day in Budapest when I saw it from a far.  I thought it would be fun to climb up and see what was actually on top of the highest point in the city. Being an active person and having just gotten off a long plane ride, I longed for the feeling of an increased heart rate and some moderate, and I stress MODERATE, activity.  I was pumped and ready for my Citadel experience.  Until reality set in….

The Citadel in Budapest

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Top 10 Budapest

Budapest will always hold a special place in my heart. Two months after meeting my Partner In Crime, we decided to book a two week trip to Europe 6 months in advance. We even agreed to still go on the trip if we broke up (it would be a slightly awkward plane ride but who would care….I was going to Europe!!).   Luckily for us (and everyone else on the plane) it all worked out and Budapest, Hungary was our fist stop.  Here is my Top 10 based on my experiences there…

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Welcome push pins

Welcome to a Pin On The Map!  My name is Jen and I am a full time Spanish teacher with a reignited passion to travel.   This is where I share my crazy travel adventures, along with tips about traveling to various places and encountering different cultures.

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