Part One of the “Series” – Rome

Part One of our adventure began with a quick stop in Rome since we had 10 hour layover on our way to Istanbul. We decided to make the most of it and ventured into the great city of Rome for a few hours. Now, it wouldn’t be a good travel story if we didn’t admit that we got lost, so I fully admit it. Bet you are wondering if we made our flight to Istanbul in time…

Colosseum in Rome

 We started our Rome excursion by hopping in the Mercedes van for our airport pick up and had the BEST driver. He told us stories along the way about Rome and life in general. He kindly introduced us to our Colosseum tour guide and then bought us both an espresso! How kind was that?!? I’m pretty sure he would have had us over for dinner if we were staying the night in Rome.

First Stop….The Colosseum

We “officially” started our day with a three hour tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Our tour guide was a wealth of knowledge and I learned a lot. FYI…if you decide to see these sites on your own, you MUST pre-order your tickets online in advance. If you don’t, you are looking at wasting a few hours of just standing in line to pay.


Trevi Fountain and Gelato

After our tour it was a quick stop at Trevi Fountain and a taste of gelato, which was delicious! During the summer, the fountain is quite crowded. Either go in the off season or bring your patience with you. Don’t go when you are hungry…I would hate to see you push someone in the fountain due to hangriness (hunger anger).


And Now We are Lost….

After what we thought was our final stop at the Parthenon, we decided to live life on the edge and hit up the outside of the Vatican. Well…that was a great thought but we didn’t have a map, which was a problem. We had a downloaded Google Map, but that ended up taking us to the Vatican Hotel, no where near where we wanted to go. Time was running short, but we are no quitters! With a few more wrong turns (ok…A LOT of wrong turns) and some misunderstood Italian directions, we had exactly 15 min to find the place, take pictures, and then hop in a taxi. Our perseverance paid off and we located the Vatican…yeah! However, there was some type barricade situation going on and we couldn’t even get a picture…Ugh! I guess you could say we came, we saw, we conquered, but it went undocumented. Looks like we will just have to come back to Rome again. Darn.
Needless to say, we found a cab and made our flight. We may have had a slight nap in the cab ride. I guess walking 9.53 miles tuckers one out. Yeah…I totally checked my IPhone for the miles and steps. I am that girl. Now…on to Istanbul we go!

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